Welcome to Sage Photography Studio, about the the artist:


Steinhart, a renowned artist and photographer, was born in 1957 and grew up in Stockton, California. His family moved to the Hawaiian Islands in 1975, and he later joined them in 1981 to study art, botany, and photography at Kaua'i Community College. His lifelong love for outdoor activities, such as skiing, hunting, ocean fishing, and kayaking, has led him on adventures throughout the United States, including Alaska, Northern Europe, and South America, further fueling his passion for capturing images of people and nature. Steinhart lived and worked on commercial fishing vessels in Hawaii, then Alaska's Kodiak and Dutch Harbor, for ten years before returning to California in 1983. After graduating with a Bachelor of Sciences in Agrarian Studies from the University of California at Davis in 1985, he returned to Stockton. In 1986, he met his future wife, Becky, and they married in 1990. They raised two sons, Kyle and Austin, and have thrived for the past thirty-eight years as a third-generation co-owner of his family's farming enterprise in the San Joaquin Delta Islands. Steinhart's work has won numerous awards, including Best of Shows at the Sandhill Art Festival, Lodi Art Festival, California State Fair, and San Joaquin County Fair. He has presented several one-man shows at various Northern California wineries and venues. He has donated his art supporting multiple local charities, CWA, and the National Chapter of Ducks Unlimited. With a passion for photography, he has dedicated himself to his craft and has maintained his home studio, Sage Photography Studio, since 2010.

The artist states:

Photography is a journey of discovery and wanderlust with the world.

I’m always looking for 'mana,’ the Hawaiian name for the force or power concentrated in objects or people. Each shot is a rare story that I am honored to share.

The challenge is to find simplicity within complexity.

It's a subtle dance, a balancing act between capturing and creating.

The best things can happen when you are not trying.

Getting out of your own way, and losing your ego, it gives it up for you.

I feel happiest in these magical moments, and I hope you can, too.