Welcome to Sage Photography Studio, about the the artist:


Trey Steinhart was born in 1957, and spent his childhood in Stockton, California. His family moved to the Hawaiian Islands in 1975, where he joined them to study art and photography at Kaua’i Community College. His love of skiing and kayaking, with subsequent journeys through Alaska, Northern Europe, and South America, has helped extend his interest in capturing images of people and nature. He lived and worked on commercial king crab and fishing vessels in Alaska and Hawaii for ten years before returning to California in 1982. After graduating with a Bachelor’s of Sciences degree in Agrarian Studies from the University of California at Davis, he returned to Stockton where he has resided since 1985.

The artist states:

“As far as in my life, as well as in my photography, I relish the unique opportunities to convey emotions of people, places, and sharing challenging moments-in-time.  Conveying these experiences is a journey of my own personal discovery, fascination, and the wanderlust that is in us all.  I strive to simplify… to evoke bits of essence, the 'mana'.   Stay subconsciously in that moment, and connect to everything that is surrounding you ...  be 'One with it all'.   When you free our senses, drop your guard so to speak, the scene lets us feel its spirit.  We begin to learn to see some structure in this chaos.  I appreciate this exhilaration when searching, crafting, and sharing an enchanted side of this genuineness.  We breathe for these magical moments, which evolve by putting ourselves in a dramatic situation, and lay bare our emotions”.

Currently living in Stockton with his wife, Becky and two sons, Kyle and Austin, Steinhart maintains his home studio, Sage Photography Studio since 2010, where he specializes in portraiture, architectural studies, landscape, and sports photography.